Our fully equipped workshop and highly trained staff specialise in maintenance and repairs for Paramotor and Xcitor aircraft, as well as canopies and accessories. We hold spare parts for Pollini, Top 80, Fresh Breeze Xcitor, Vitorazzi and Top 80 Engines.

Get in touch and we'll do our best to get your feet back in the air

Highly trained mechanics

With over 50 years combined experience - there isnt much we can't fix or get running again. Specialising in Paramotor and XCitor means we are familiar with the maintenance and tuning for your engine, and know how to get the very most from your set up


Servicing and Repairs

Your engine is the number one thing keeping you safely in the sky - with out it - You'll have a hard time flying.

Why not give it that bit of extra love and book it in for a service - engines maintained properly last a lot longer and run with far higher reliability and performance


Spare Parts

Our workshop holds in stock spare parts from Pollini, Vitorrazi, Ross, Fresh Breeze and much more. This allows us to carry out a majority of repairs quickly without waiting for a shipment of spare parts. 

Faster repairs, genuine parts, all there to get you flying sooner