Tandem Flight - The Desert Experience


Our Xcitor tandem flight offers a truly unique experience - unlike any other aircraft in the world.

Its versatility and high level of safety allow us to give you the ultimate Dubai desert experience.

Imagine flying over sand dunes, just meters above the ground, watching gazelle gallop through the desert. Climbing up high for a selfie with Dubai Lake, before exploring the local camel farms and villages.

Or if you are brave enough - ask your pilot for an adrenaline pumping aerobatics flight including high-G spirals and hair-raising low-level flying.

We are here to make it your perfect desert flying experience, and will fly to your limits to make it a memorable and amazing experience!

One of the best experiences of my life... I can’t wait to come back and fly again! Amazing!
— Zhara Nilsson
  • Flights go for 20-25 minutes

  • Cost is AED 1000 for a Desert Flight

  • Only 30 minutes drive from Dubai - Located at SkyDive Dubai Desert Campus

  • The perfect gift

  • Each aircraft can fly one passenger, but we are able to arrange for groups to fly in the sky together

  • Incredibly comfortable and safe aircraft

  • Options to fly either sunrise or sunset

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