Xcitor Training Course


The XCitor is a truly unique aircraft - combining the portability of a paramotor with the passenger capacity and experience of many other larger aircraft, it's really the best of both worlds.

Being a wheel based paramotor, there is no need to run for the take-off. This makes launching and landing a lot easier for you and your passenger, and brings with it a more relaxed style of flying.

The XCitor is a very comfortable aircraft to fly. Equipped with cruise control, GPS and very comfortable seats - it's the perfect way to take in your surroundings or share the flying experience with friends and family.

It's also able to be mounted on a towing point or trailer very quickly for easy portability.

We prefer that students wishing to learn XCitor have some canopy experience previously, whether it is Paramotor or Paragliding - it is essential to have a basic understanding of pitch and roll control while kiting the wing on the ground.

For your training, you will be with an instructor for as many flights as is needed until you and your instructor feel that you are at a level to fly solo. This allows us to build up confidence and skill at your own pace, and remain safe throughout the course.

You will be taught how to carry out all necessary pre-flight checks both on the aircraft and the wing, as well as smooth and controlled takeoff, landing, and in-flight procedures.

We will train in a variety of conditions from light to strong wind, to give you a solid understanding and skill set to ensure you finish your with the necessary skills to fly safely for a long time to come.


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XCitor Training is
AED 20,000 all inclusive. 

So if you are interested in more information, have any questions or want to know how to sign up, feel free to get in touch.

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