Paramotor Training Course


A Paramotor is one of the lightest aircraft in existence. Essentially it's a 2-stroke engine and harness that sits on your back, allowing you to take off by inflating a wing above your head and running for a few steps. The freedom and safety of this aircraft are unparalleled.

It is one of the safest forms of aviation - the wing above your head is incredibly safe, and even if your engine fails, you gently glide to the ground as your wing is doubling as a parachute.

Flight training is open to anyone above the age of 18, and above 150cm. It doesn't require a high level of physical fitness, just some patience and commitment to come and start your training. If you are curious about how it is to fly in paramotor - we also offer tandem experience flights in Xcitor.

Our course is structured to suit your timetable, with training sessions being held every morning and evening of the week and Fridays. Our instructors are some of the most accomplished pilots in the world, and our training is of the highest quality and standard. We are proud to produce skilled, competent pilots - not simply students with a pilot certificate.

The training facility is located at the SkyDive Dubai Desert Campus, giving us access to the ultimate location for Paramotor. Our training ground is made of manicured lawn, our training equipment is second to none and we rarely miss a day flying due to incredible weather conditions.

Practical training is run in several stages, to ensure you progress at a rate that is comfortable and confident for you! Your safety is our first priority and we only progress through the course when you are ready for the next step and it is safe to do so....

A solid level of ground training with the wing is taught to ensure that you are confident and ready for your first flights - which will happen once you have some experience flying tandem with an instructor first.

Our practical training is interlaced with up to date and comprehensive theory classes, to give you a solid understanding of this sport, which will help keep you safe for many years to come.

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Course cost is AED 10,000 - inclusive of all equipment and 20 training hours. 

So what are you waiting for? Anyone can do it! Get in touch using the form below, and we look forward to seeing you in the sky!